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Are you so busy that you are overwhelmed?  How many things and events do you have to remember?  Do you feel being pulled in different directions?

  You need all the tools you can get to help you!

Imagine being prepared.  Imagine not rushing all over the place and NOT feeling like your head is cut off. Are you beginning to wonder if this is even possible?  There's so many things to do and keep track of.

When life gets busy and crazy, a few things gets pushed to the back burner.  We neglect self-care, sleep and health without even knowing it.  Here you will find tools to help remind you and assist you in proper planning.  The goal is to be HEALTHY and PRODUCTIVE.   

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Get that extra time you need.  Then the question will be, what do you do with it? Tackle each part of your wellness one area at a time.  Look around and see what you want to work on first. 

 They are made to help benefit your health and productivity. 

All products here are delivered in digital format.  The planners and journals  are for you to print anytime you want for personal use.  Unless otherwise noted, no physical product will be mailed.  You will have access to the digital delivery right away.

 Our Latest
Journals and Planners

$10.00 now $5.00

Gratitude Journal to help you with your mindfulness and gratitude practice.

Pages: 100+

Size: 8x10

Includes: Pages to walk you through how to start and continue with your gratitude practice. PLUS plenty of spaces for you to write.  

Meditation Journal 

$10.00 NOW $5.00

Relax your mind and body by taking the time to meditate.

Pages: 100+

Size: 8x10

Includes: Pages to help you with your meditation practice.  Plenty of spaces to write.

The Healthy Entrepreneur Planner

Running a business can take a toll on your health.  This Planner can help remind you to keep your health a priority while working.  Additionally, this planner includes productivity tools to help you with your efficiency so you can uncover more free time!

Pages: 70+

Size: 8x10

BONUS: Mandala Coloring Pages and resource page of time saving apps.

MOm's Planner 
$29.00 now $21.00 

Perfect Planner for every MOM.  Contains pages for what you need to keep track of your household. 

Pages: 200+

Size: 8x10

Includes: Calendars (yearly and monthly), 12 weeks of planners, important contact number sheets..etc.

$17.00 $7.00

The Journal will help you declutter your home from room to room. Each page has space for notes , along with ideas on how to organize.

Pages: 40+

Size: 8x10
Use the included worksheets and calendars to prevent overwhelm while decluttering.

Alaska Mom Life Founder

Alaska Mom Life

Coming Soon- Medical journal

Coming soon

Prayer Journal 
FREE!! Download now!

Great companion to everyday reading and spiritual journey. 

Pages: 100+

Size: 8x10

Includes: Pages for meditation, prayers, scripture readings. 


Amazing Journal and Planner in one. Keep track of your food, mood and activity for a healthier life. 

Pages: 100+

Size: 8x10
Complete with food log, shopping list, mood tracker and many more.

Self-Care Jounal

Need to be reminded to make self-care a priority? You need this journal!

Pages: 120+

Size: 8x10

Self-Care Journal complete with monthly calendar, mood tracker, a year in color, affirmation page, etc..

 Our Latest
Coming Soon!!

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