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Where Working Moms can get help with the daily overwhelm that causes stress, fatigue and weight gain.   So that they Can ditch surviving and start Thriving

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 Wellness in Motherhood

Moms who do it all, you take care of everyone else, who takes care of you?

Super Mom. Super Wife. Super Career Woman or Entrepreneur.  Whew!  Exhausted yet?

Time to get familiar with the 4 Pillars of Wellness that will help you THRIVE.




Stress Management.

Survive or Thrive?

Do you feel exhausted and overwhelmed? 

Are you surviving? Or thriving?

Do you feel like your life revolves on endless to do lists?  

Wellness and Self-Care 

Are you staying up late after the kids get to bed so you can have quiet time and get things done?


It's time to manage your household without sacrificing your health.  Time to hone in and engage in:

- Mindset

- Meditation 

- Focus


Imagine not feeling any  mom guilt for taking care of yourself.

The Busy Working Mom

Are you trying to juggle and find work-life balance.

There's always the daily juggle of up early, kids to school, you go to work, pick up the kids, make dinner, rinse and repeat.  Whew!  When do you have time for yourself?

Imagine having free time, not having to rush anything or anywhere.  

Lifestyle Change Versus Diet

Which one would you rather do?

Nutrition plays a big part in our lives.  Eating on the go, grabbing what's available causes stress on your system, it may be causing weight gain in places you don't want, or wreaking havoc internally without you knowing it. 

Do you feel you have the energy or time to exercise or do activities you love? 

Imagine having actionable steps that lead to good health habits.  Better yet, imagine playing and doing activities with your kids while working on your health.

Cristy Murray is a busy working mom with a passion for helping busy overwhelmed mothers. She is also a nutrition and wellness coach who also happens to be Family Nurse Practitioner. She believes women work really hard, giving  all and often leaving plates empty.  
In order for moms to raise kids, make good memories while enjoying your life, WELLNESS FOR MOTHERS NEED TO BE A PRIORITY. Time to start THRIVING.  

Let's work together to help you manage stress, eat healthy, sleep better and get stronger.

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